Finding Where You Belong

I. God’s plan for belonging

A. Belonging to God

B. Belonging to God’s people

II. Shifts in culture

A. From believing to belonging

B. From belonging to believing

III. What we want for you

A. To know and be known

B. To engage in each other’s emotional journey
(Rejoice with those who are rejoicing, Weep with those who are weeping. – Romans 12:15)

C. For someone to be present, to know and show up when you need someone

D. Accountability and growing together

E. A personal story of community

IV. Where will you get that?

A. Take responsibility for your reality.

B. There are lots of options; engage with one.


Discussion Questions:

1) What was the best experience of belonging in your life? When do you feel the most connected and valued? What was it about that experience that stands out to you? How often have you felt that?

2) Did you believe before you sensed you belonged, or did you belong and then believe?
Can someone figure out the belief part as they belong?

3) Which aspect of community - knowing and being known, connecting with others in their emotional journey, having others be present at crucial moments - is most significant to you? Why is that?

4) How would you rate your current experience of connection? Are you more connected than you were five years ago?

5) If you are not as connected as you would like to be, what are the barriers that keep you from experiencing a deeper level of connection?

6) Most people’s answer to #5 is time; there just isn’t enough time. What can Calvary do to help people experience community who feel that they don’t have time for it?

7) What steps are you committed to take to experience the blessing of deeper community?

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