Finding Love in an Unloving World

I. Finding love

A. Its hard to find love in an unloving world.

B. There is love out there.

C. To find love, you have to look. (Deuteronomy 4:29, Genesis 3:9-10, Luke 19:10)

II. Losing love

A. Getting a lot right

B. Leaving love behind

III. Dealing with issues

A. Seekers, seek for love, for you are being pursed in love.

B. Estranged, being angry with God. (“I love but don’t like God.”)

C. Rekindling passion for Christ

Discussion Questions:

1) Can you think of something your pursued simply because you felt you had to have it? Can you share what that was? How old were you? Did you get what you wanted? How did that feel?

2) Have you felt God’s love pursuing you? If so, what was that like? How did you feel that? Why are some realities easier to see when we look back?

3) How could a church do so much good work and be pure in doctrine but lose its first love? How does that happen?

4) How much work should it take to keep that first love alive and thriving in a relationship?

5) Have you known a Christian or a church that fits this pattern – does a lot, good doctrine but has lost their love for Jesus? Why don’t activism and good theology automatically protect our hearts?

6) What should a Christian do if they are angry at God? Where should they go with that? Should that be something they talk about with others? What is the cost of saying that out loud?

7) How is your own heart doing? How is your passion for Christ?

8) What are you prepared to do to intentionally cultivate great love for God?

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