Fear Factor

I. What’s to be afraid of?

II. Conquering fear and shame

A. Focus on God’s provision. Change the focus from your fear to who God is and what He is doing.
(Isaiah 41:10, Romans 1:16, II Timothy 1:7-8)

B. How does this really work? A story of change

III. Your next step

A. Name your fears.

B. Are you ashamed of the Gospel? If you are, admit it.

C. Repent. Confess this reality to God and invite Him in.

D. Change your focus. Focus on the power of God rather than on the fear.

E. Find winsome ways to mitigate negatives.

F. Take a step of faith.

Discussion Questions:

1) What is your biggest fear? Why do you fear what you do?

2) What is the clearest demonstration of the power of the Gospel that you have seen? Testify to the power of God that you have observed.

3) What keeps you from having spiritually significant conversations with those who are in your life?

4) Do the people in your life know that you are not ashamed of the gospel? How do they know that?

5) What effective ways have you found to reduce negative interactions?

6) How do tangible expressions of love play a role in presenting the gospel in winsome ways?
What experiences have you had with this?

7) Which provision of God are you availing yourself of – God’s presence, a new spirit, the power of God, love, or self-control?
Which of these do you need to start accessing more?

8) What step of faith should you take this week?

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