Eternity Now

I. Starting at the beginning.

II. Looking for eternity in a temporary age. Is there anything more than this?

III. Who is this Word?

IV. At the center of reality there is an eternal, relational Creator God.

V. Pursue an infinite, eternal, creating God who is pursing you.


Discussion Questions:

1) If you were to tell the story of God coming into our mess, how would you begin? Where is your beginning?

2) What should you call someone who existed for an eternity prior to their own birth? Why does John use this term “Word” to refer to the preincarnate Christ? Or is he referring to someone else?

3) How do you experience eternity in this temporary age?

4) Do you believe that God put eternity in your heart?
What fills your soul at the deepest level right now?

5) If a 7-year-old asked you what Jesus was doing with God the Father and the Holy Spirit for eternity, how would you answer?

6) Where do your beliefs about God come from? Who informs your understanding of Jesus?
When you were growing up, was Jesus always a white guy? If so, why?

7) What if you could know the creator/designer of reality? How might knowing the creator/designer of reality change your life now?

8) What temporary things do you try to get satisfaction from that you need to put aside for more of the eternal?
Are you willing to do that?
Who will hold you accountable?

9) How could you pursue knowing Jesus deeper during this Advent season?

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