Discovering a Thankful Life

Central Thought: A generous life is a blessed life.

I. When you pour into others, you get more than you give.

A. Is that really true?

B. When we give to others, our focus shifts from self to others.

C. Thanksgiving killers

1. Entitlement

2. Complaining

II. God gave you gifts to give away.

A. Do you know your gift?

B. Are you giving it away?

C. Create the reality and invite others in.

D. What I am thankful for –

Imagine if…

Discussion Questions:

1) When was the last time you were really happy? What were you doing and what were the circumstances of that happiness?

2) Do you think it’s really true that you get more blessing out of pouring into others’ lives?
Have you experienced times when that was true? Have you had seasons when that was not true?

3) If you do a heart check, are you more inclined to complain or to express thanksgiving?
If you get in a complaining mood or mode, how do you get out?

4) If you have a legitimate complaint, what do you do about it?

5) Do you know what your spiritual gift is? Are you using it?

6) If God indeed gives a spiritual gift to every believer, how many of the believers you know are aware of what their gift is, and how many are using theirs gifts in service?

7) What should a church or group do when they recognize certain areas need improving but they don’t have the capacity to address the needs?

8) Why do some Christians roll up their sleeves and make things better while others choose to complain and leave? Have you noticed a pattern to the behaviors?

9) Who can you bless this week with your gift(s)? How will you bless them?

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