Christian Persecution: What We Need to Know

I. What does God’s Word tell us about persecution?

II. What is happening in our world today with Christian persecution?

III. How should we respond to persecution?


Discussion Questions:

1) Have you ever been persecuted for your faith? Why is this a relevant topic to discuss these days?

2) Should we all expect persecution in our lives? (John 15:20)

3) What does it mean to be persecuted for righteousness’ sake? (Matthew 5:10) What are other ways that people can be persecuted?

4) What reward does Jesus promise His followers who are persecuted? (Matthew 5:10, 12)

5) How does Jesus tell His followers to respond if they are persecuted? Why is this so different from the way the world responds?

6) In Acts 8 and 12, we see that Christian persecution caused the church to grow. Why was that so?

7) What examples or facts did you hear in this sermon that impacted you? What was that impact? What should we do after hearing about Christian persecution?

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