Calvary's Transitional 'Journey'

Discussion Questions:

  1. Dan encouraged us to view this transitional time at Calvary as a "season of renewal and transformation" and an "opportunity to strengthen church health and ministry effectiveness." What part of that view resonates with you? Why?
  2. Dan stated that the "goal" of this transitional time at Calvary is "becoming a healthy, spiritually-renewed church community ready to welcome the next Lead Pastor." What part of that goal resonates with you? Why?
  3. Have someone in the group read out loud the four key Scriptures that Dan referred to: Mark 12:31 ("Love God"); Romans 1:16 ("Love the Gospel"); Mark 12:32 ("Love Each Other"); and Luke 19:10 ("Love the Lost"). Discuss how you would like to see these become even more of a focus at Calvary and in your individual life.
  4. The closing Scripture that Dan referred to was Ephesians 4:12-13. Read it out loud and discuss as a group how you think God wants to see Calvary "built up," what it would look like to have a greater "unity in the faith," and what the goal of becoming "mature" could look like at Calvary.
  5. What are your concerns about this transitional season at Calvary? What are your hopes?
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