A Little Help From My Friends

Introduction –


A. Interesting things about the event –

- 4 things about the friends

- 4 things about the man

- 4 things about the Pharisees

- 4 things about Jesus


B. Lessons to be learned -

1. Forgiveness of sins is the main need of every person.

2. Forgiveness is such a pressing need that we should do all we can to bring our friends to Jesus.

3. Only Jesus has authority to forgive sins.

4. Jesus grants forgiveness of sins by grace through faith.


C. Application –

What can you do?

- Who do you know who needs Jesus?

- Find ways to interact with them.

- When there’s an opportunity, take them to a place where they can meet Jesus.


Discussion Questions:

1) If forgiveness is people’s main need, is it wrong to work on other issues with them as a means to sharing the gospel?

1) How do we determine which methods of evangelism are acceptable? Does the method matter?

2) How can we develop friendships for the purpose of leading others to Christ and yet avoid being manipulative?

3) Why is a proper understanding of who Christ is crucial in evangelism?

4) Why do you think Jesus spoke the extremely controversial words, "Your sins are forgiven"? He could have been less offensive to the visiting guests. Why did he choose not to be?

5) What is the connection between sin and sickness in this passage?

6) Which of the two phrases is easier to say – "Your sins are forgiven!" OR "Get up, take your mat, and go home!"? What point did Jesus want us to draw from this incident?

7) Why did Jesus use the term "Son of Man" rather than "Son of God" or "Messiah"?

8) Whom do you feel most like at present – the paralyzed man or one of the four friends? Why?

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