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Seed Group

Seed Groups

Missed the first round of our 6 week seed groups or want to sign-up again? Register NOW for our second round of seed groups which will begin near the end of July.

Definition of a seed group

A temporary group of 6-10 people which meets in homes with an assigned facilitator/host. They will be newly formed groups, and will meet for 6 weeks. These groups have the potential to become longer term life groups if members are not currently in a smaller group, or disband or divide as preferences exist after the 6 week period.

Goal of a Seed Group

Seed Groups exist for the purpose of fellowship, connection and encouragement, and will focus on Bible based discussion and prayer. Pastor Dan Werthman will provide ice-breaker and discussion questions related to his “One Another” sermon series. They will highlight the importance of being ‘the church’ to one another, especially in this season when we cannot gather as usual in the church building.

Formation of a seed group

Pastor Dan Werthman began a sermon series on June 7, encouraging as many people as possible to participate and connect with other Calvary attenders during these summer months.

There will be two ‘sign-up’ opportunities – one for each 6 week period. The first will begin towards the end of June, and the second will begin near the end of July. Sign up will happen online and individuals can let us know whether they would like to be in a group of peers, or be in a multi-age group.

Most groups will meet in homes, preferably outdoors around a fire-pit or on the patio or deck so that we can more easily maintain social distancing. There is a possibility to reserve a room at the church if a group would prefer to meet there (subject to availability).
Once groups are established, they can decide when is most convenient to meet.

If you have any questions, please contact :

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