The Anywaa at Calvary

Sunday Sabbath service
2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. in the youth room (210) at Calvary.

The Anywaa People's
Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry

We, the Anywaa people, immigrated to United States of America (USA) from Ethiopia and South Sudan. The Anywaa people speak Dhaa-anywaa as their dialect language. Anywaa people believe in the Creator and Redeemer God. Since they moved to Minnesota in early 1990s, Anywaa people have been worshiping and serving God in many varies places in Minnesota. This year in January 2018, we have also conducted another worshiping group in Rochester, Minnesota, hosted by Calvary Evangelical Free Church. Anywaa people were believers in Christ prior to their coming to America, converted to Christianity through the missionaries who have gone to Africa in the early 1950s right at the end of WWII. Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry is envisioning to reaching out where there are other Anywaa people and planting more churches to bring many souls to Christ beginning from Rochester MN unto worldwide.

Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry is trusting and investing in its members by educating and training them in both the words of God and the works of holy spirit. Even though members are different individuals with different spiritual gifts, they are functioning as one body in Christ. “For just as any of us has one body but many parts with different function, so members are a group of individuals with different talents but one body in Christ” (Romans 12:4-5)”.

Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry is a ministry based in Rochester Minnesota that is envisioned to growing and acquire facility of its own using the resources available through its members as well as its hosting unit as it begins to integrate to seek more training to produce mature disciples for advancement of the kingdom of God. Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry will strife to become an influential gospel spreading ministry to win souls for the kingdom of God and also to be an institution that cares for its members within the community, nurture, educate, and supports field mission for the kingdom of God.

The mission of Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry is to preach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, (b) strengthening faith of its members, promotes peace among the communities, and (c) extend God’s love to community

  • Jesus is Lord of all; Christ is at the center of “Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry” and proclamation.
  • God’s people of Grace Unity in Christ Ministry are called to serve family, church, community, and the world through continuous outreach and mission.
  • Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry deemed to nurture the entire congregation through education and training of the gospels to the family unit.
  • Grace and Unity in Christ Ministry will be a source of comfort to those who seek help, mourn, or in distress.


Ojulu Oboya​

Anywaa Pastor

Anywaa Regular Activities

We conduct weekly, monthly and yearly services of which most are held at members residential homes. Weekly programs are, Friday’s Bible study starting from 6:00pm-7:30pm and preparatory practice for Choirs.

Monthly activities include women fellowship, fasting prayers, and Holy communion. Furthermore, on the yearly basis the ministry activities are: Baptism, spiritual conference, Easter and Christmas respectively.

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