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Courage – Calvary Kids

Courage, what does it look like and how can we be courageous? Courage is believing in God’s word and trusting in Him even in challenging situations.

strong and courageous

Strong and Courageous – Calvary Kids

Joshua was given some important advice from Moses, and from God: Be strong and courageous! And Joshua choose to take that good advice. View our Calvary Kids message by Brian Martin, our Family Equipping Pastor at Calvary.

Don't Photoshop your weakness

Don’t Photoshop your weakness – Youth Devotional

Youth Devotional by John Chaco, our youth pastor – Your weakness does not get in the way it’s your strength

Power, Love, Self-Control

Power, Love, and Self-Control – Calvary Kids

Good advice is only helpful if you actually do it. View Calvary Kids new video made by Brian Martin our Family Equipping Pastor at Calvary Evangelical Free Church. This week we are looking at 2 Timothy 1:7.

An unexpected visitor

An Unexpected Visitor – Youth Devotional

Youth Devotional – Grace always shows up, sometimes when you least expect it.
View John Chaco, our youth pastor at Calvary Evangelical Free Church devotional and let us know what you think.

Love and Suffering

Love and suffering – Youth Devotional

Youth Devotional – What would love look like without suffering? The link between sacrificial love and suffering and how you can’t have one without the other.

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