Good Friday Resources

Good Friday

On Good Friday we remember the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for us as he endured the agony of cross and died to pay for our sins.

To help us reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for us in our homes this Good Friday, we are providing a few resources for you to choose from for your family or household.

A Simple Service of Shadows (Tenebrae)

This is a very simple devotional service in which Scriptures are read and lit candles are extinguished one by one. Ideally, you would do this together as a household. If you do not have candles available, here is a video you can watch instead.

A Good Friday Devotional Family Activity

This activity involves confessing your sins on pieces of paper and nailing them to a piece of wood.

A Playlist of Good Friday songs for reflection and meditation

What’s So Good About Good Friday? (5-minute video)

We hope that you will find something here that will minister to you, whether you live alone or in a household with others. May Good Friday be for you a rich and meaningful time of reflection and gratitude for Christ and His sacrifice for us.

Grace and Peace —

The Worship Ministries Team

7 thoughts on “Good Friday Resources”

  1. Jon and Amy Potter

    Thank you for helping us focus our hearts and minds on Christ’s sacrifice on this day. Really appreciate the resources.

  2. Dick & Sharon Bjerkaas

    Thank you so much for these wonderful guides and resources for us to use in commemorating Jesus sacrifice. We appreciated your Service of Shadows and the amazing collection of music! It was especially good to just have a background screen with the lyrics, not showing the singers, enabling us to really focus on the words.

  3. Elizabeth L Gaska

    Powerful videos; I’m so thankful they were shared with us. Thank you Jesus for sending reminders I will always need. Thank you Calvary for being the willing and sympathetic conduit.

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