Iowa mission report

Iowa storm damage
On August 15, a team of six drove from Rochester to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to help four families in need, resulting from the derecho storm that some are comparing to hurricane Katrina in terms of its regional destructiveness.
Angela and Sam Johnson provided house cleaning help and childcare and for an urban pastor’s family of seven while they visited their 29-week-old girl in the preemie ward.  James and Todd Johnson, JJ Hicks, and Brent Loeslie chainsawed trees, cleared brush, purchased food, diapers, gift baskets, and charcoal for displaced refugees and locals in need. Calvary’s $500 gift helped procure electrical meters that were in very short supply that blew off homes in poor neighborhoods.
The day began at 7 AM with a 3-hour southward trek, the team worked from 10-6, and returned home at 10 PM.  Todd Johnson called it “a picture perfect day-long mission,” providing immediate tangible help through a local church, working with a man of peace in a certain neighborhood. They shared Jesus with and prayed for those they served, and ask us to pray for Don, Connie, Don, Anne, and Joe as the recovery process for them and countless others continues.

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