Calvary Transition Team Update – June 19th

transition team

Calvary has formed a Transition Team, led by Transitional Pastor Dan Werthman, to conduct a church “self-study” that reviews Calvary’s history (“Looking Back”), assesses the health of Calvary’s ministries (“Looking Around”), and makes recommendations for a revitalized future (“Looking Forward”). The Transition Team is made up of Dick Bjerkaas, Amy Bodde, Mary Hanson, Kristi Muston, Garth Pederson, Michael Peggar, Micah Schott, Wendy Speary, and Jeff Vlaminck. This Transition Team is meeting weekly throughout the summer with the goal of presenting its Self-Study Report to Calvary’s Leadership Board by the end of August.

Over our past several meetings we have just completed the “Looking Back” portion of the self-study. We have studied the founding and history of Calvary, identifying over the years both the blessings and the hardships the church has experienced. We compiled and studied the following attendance, giving, and staffing charts as part of our review of Calvary’s growth and development over the last 40 years.

We used this data and other information we compiled from Calvary’s history to construct a virtual “Journey Wall” noting all the significant positive and challenging experiences with the church, and then identifying patterns and themes we saw across the life of the church. This exercise helps to bring clarity regarding the history of the church, areas that need correction and what should be the focus of the next chapter to which God is calling Calvary. We condensed the patterns and themes we saw down to the following “Meaning Statements.”

Next we’ll begin the “Looking Around” phase of the self-study process. Over the next several weeks we’ll be reviewing and discussing the overall results of the Church Health Assessment Tool, the church health survey that many of you completed in March and April. Every member of the Transition Team is reading every one of your comments in the survey, and we’ll use this survey assessment along with other assessment tools in the coming weeks to complete a comprehensive analysis of the current state of Calvary’s church life and ministry.

The Transition Team desires and needs your prayers! Please pray for Spirit-led wisdom and discernment for all the team members. We truly want to hear what the Spirit is saying to our church (Revelation 2:7; 2:13; 2:17; 2:29; 3:6; 3:13; 3:22).

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