Montreal VBS starts on Monday

Montreal Team

After a weekend getting to know the city where we are serving, we are looking forward to the start of Vacation Bible School on Monday. Montreal is a city of 4 million where less than 1% would identify themselves as Christian. Today we had the opportunity to worship with a small French-speaking church (we essentially doubled the size of the congregation.) The emphasis of the sermon was on faith – faith in our great God who can accomplish great things with a single word, whether it is creating the world or healing someone who is sick. We serve a great God and we look forward to what He is going to do this week.

1 thought on “Montreal VBS starts on Monday”

  1. Arrived safely, thank you Lord!!
    Will be praying ‘as you go’ being
    His hands and feet (and lips) in Montreal.
    Blessings to each one

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