2 days left for the Montreal VBS

Montreal Craft Box

By Tom Bergquist – We are half way through the week of VBS. We all feel so blessed to be working with these kids. Here is a little information about how we spend our days.   We are staying at the residence hall at the Presbyterian College,  a small college which is next to the McGill University Campus near downtown Montreal.  Each morning we walk from there to the nearest Metro (subway) stop, take the green line, transfer to the orange line, ride it to the final stop and then walk to the center where we meet the kids. We spend around 7 hours with the kids each day, then after cleaning up we then follow the same route in reverse back to where we are staying. Most nights members of our team make dinner for all of us and we eat together as a group. We end the day with devotions and preparing for the next day.   This trip has been tiring, but also very fun.   It can’t help but be fun to spend a week with a group of kids doing a wide variety of activities. More than being fun though,  we are exposing these kids to Bible stories which convey our Christian faith, something which has eternal rewards. Today they did a craft which taught them about these eternal rewards by pointing to their treasures in heaven. They each made a treasure box and filled it with several scripture verses.  “But store up for yourselves treasure in heaven….for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Matthew 6:20 & 21.  Please pray for our final two days with the kids, that we might be a blessing to each of them by teaching God’s word and demonstrating Christ’s love. 

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