Parent Resources for Easter 2020

Easter Parent Resources

Dear Families:

It’s a special week in the life of the Church as we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus! Woohoo!

Since you’ll be celebrating with in-home worship this year, we wanted to help facilitate that for you with a few resources specifically about the resurrection.

First, the bible passages from the gospels that describe the events of Holy Week (basically the Last Supper through Great Commission) are as follows:

Matthew 26-28; Mark 14-16; Luke 22-24; John 18-20

We’d encourage you to read at least one of these sections this week as you prepare to lead your family in worship on Easter!

Secondly, it’s helpful to have thoughtful, creative works to help bring to life the narrative of Holy Week. Thankfully, there are many brilliant people who have created helpful tools that you can use. Below, you’ll see a few offerings. We’d suggest taking a look at each one to determine which is the best for your family to enjoy this weekend based on style, age, and preference.


What’s in the Bible   (11min, 30sec)

This is my favorite resource for elementary-aged kids. The way they show sin visually is compelling, and the format is very kid-centric. It both tells the story and explains it well. Of course, it’s also a resource many of our kids have seen in King’s Kids or in your own personal collection, so that’s a consideration.

Saddleback  (5min, 20sec)

This is a simple, well-done, kid-centric, highly visual re-telling of the story of the cross and resurrection. A great resource. Also, the sound effects crack me up…

Gospel Project  (4 min)

The Gospel Project is a solid curriculum source. This resource tells the story of Easter in a compelling way and includes some application/consideration at the end as well. Key point: the crucifixion and resurrection is the center of the gospel.


Billy Graham Message (2min)

            A classic message from the giant of faith of a generation.    

*Good Friday* You Need Not Say Goodbye   (5min, 25 sec) From Passion City Church

An artistic and dramatic rendering of the story of the cross.

Bible Project  (5:47)

If you have a wide mix of ages in your home, I’d maybe consider using this one. It’s clear, but visually stunning, but also has some real depth. While this one is not explicitly about Easter – it’s about the Messiah – it has many important connections to the resurrection. It would be good to pair this with a reading from one of the gospels to get the full story. (If you haven’t been exposed to the Bible Project yet, it may become a VITAL resource for your own learning and edification!)

Lastly, I thought this video from Lee Strobel is just a simple and lovely explanation of how parents and grandparents can explain the evidence of God’s goodness. It’s a worthy 2 minutes and may help you explain Easter and its importance to those you love. (2min)

Because He Lives,

The Family Ministry Team

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