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Feast of Famly Ministries

Hi Everybody!

This is going to be the first of three emails from me in the next few weeks. Why? Because I’m launching some new resources for all you parents out there. You are receiving this email because we know that you care about investing on a daily basis to transfer faith to the next generation, and at Calvary, we want to partner with you in that!

Our goal is to provide monthly emails to a new blog space called “Feast of FamMin.” (You get it? That’s a tasty pun, right there.) These monthly content blasts will include tools and tips to help you be the best you can be in your journey to invest in the next generation (or NextGen as we sometimes like to say). At any time, you can choose to “opt out” of these emails simply by emailing via the instructions at the bottom of the email.

So what kinds of resources will be provided? Well, our team has been working to grow an array of resources to answer questions like this:

-What is the next step of obedience my child needs to take to grow in faith?

  -What is coming in the next phase of life for my kids and…am I ready for it?

   -Who has been where I am heading in parenting before me, and how can they help?

    -How do I celebrate special spiritual moments with my child?

To be clear, while you will often get specific emails from leaders of your Wednesday or Sunday programming (if you participate), the Feast of FamMin emails will focus more on opportunities, resources, tips, articles, and support for families, whether or not they participate in programming. We believe every family needs support and partnership, and this is one way we’d like to provide it.

Our family ministry team looks forward to partnering with you on the road ahead. It’s a joy to be on it together!


Brian Martin

P.S. There’s some really good stuff coming…I’m so excited right now…

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