FEAST 013 :: Parent Summit 2019

Feast of Famly Ministries

You are receiving this email because you have a child involved with a ministry program at Calvary. We’re so honored that you are a part of our church family!

 Hi Friends,

Our Family Ministry team wants to equip you to help every child in your family to be growing in a faith of their own. While we try to do that in a multitude of different ways, we do think gathering together as a tribe of parents is helpful and beneficial every once in a while. Considering how much of our time and energy goes into parenting, it’s actually surprising how little we spend time intentionally considering where we’ve been and where we are going as parents and as a family.

However, we have a chance for you to do that coming up, and I wanted to extend a personal invitation to you to join us. The Parent Summit will be Saturday, February 23 from 9:00am-3:00pm at Calvary, and I am legitimately elated that we get to enjoy this event together!

Why am I so excited? There are many reasons.

1)    Some AMAZING presenters have already confirmed, and more are yet to come! But I can tell you that our Keynote addresses will be given by Vicki Tiede, Calvary’s very own (but internationally sought-after) who can’t wait to share her heart with you.  There will also be breakout sessions by Nate Stenholz, former youth pastor at Calvary; Tony Sconza from Feed My Starving Children; Gail Peterson (our local IT technology expert and veteran parent), and many more! Basically, we got some of the best people we know all to come help us on the same day!

2)   Our topic: “God’s Got This!” [Please note: we originally had a different main topic surrounding technology. While that issue will still be addressed – most specifically by both Vicki and Gail in the breakout session – we have broadened the topic to the following.] We will be looking at two main topics within this. First, that there is brokenness and evil in the world, and we need to be thoughtful and prayerful in how we protect our kids from that (while still living in a grace space of not having to be perfect – these kids are God’s first and ours second.) Secondly, we want to consider who we can help both our parents and our kids engage with the brokenness around them as agents of good and hope. I’m so excited to explore this with you all!

3)   We will have a resource table available with several great books for you to look over, each of which has been curated and recommended by church leaders to benefit your parenting journey.

4)   Fabulous prizes will be handed out.

5)   Lunch will be delicious…

6)   Last year’s number one feedback was “I wish this were longer…” So, we made that happen! More content, more time for connection, and more general awesomeness.

7)   We get to pray together. We’ll take the time to pause and pray for our kids and “our kids” – the kids that are a part of our church and Church community.

8)   I honestly believe that everyone who comes will feel encouraged, empowered, and more equipped to take a next step in their parenting journey.

I truly hope you choose to come. It’s a wonderful experience, and it makes it even better if you can join us, too!

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 23. To register, please simply click on this link.

-Brian, for the FamMin Team

Schedule for the Summit

9:00  Welcome + Session 1
10:30 Breakout Session A
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Breakout Session B
1:30  Session 2 + Prayer
3:00  End

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