Feast 023 – A Back-to-School Prayer


Hello Friends!

It’s a fresh new school year upon us, and a fresh new season of Feast of FamMin! But wow…what a ride it’s been these last several months. I don’t need to name All The Things, but let’s all just acknowledge there is so, so much happening in the world, in our lives, and in our own heads.

And that’s what leads me to today’s blog post. Ya’ll…we need some prayer, and we need a LOT of it!

So here is my Back-to-School Prayer. If you find it helpful, I’d encourage you to pause right now and pray this in earnest.

Why We Pray

When we pray, it’s important to remember why we pray – what the purpose of prayer is. It certainly is NOT to inform God of what is in our heads and hearts and what circumstances we are currently going through; He, of course, already knows all of that! When we pray, we are primarily saying “God, I know and acknowledge that you are more powerful than I am, and that these things in my head and in my heart can be better handled by you than by me.” Prayer is ultimately an act of submission.

So here goes:

A Back-to-School Prayer

Lord, I come before you today as a tired parent. I am tired after pouring myself out for my kids, my extended family, my work, and my circumstances. As I pour myself out, fill me up with your strength and your Spirit. Give me a strength greater than my own to continue to love and serve those you’ve put into my life, to be a good neighbor, and to serve with a heart of obedience, tenderness, and care.

Father, make your presence known deeply and intimately to my kids as they start this school year. Let them see your hand upon any social, emotional, or educational challenges they face this year. Let them find their identity in you more each day, rather than in the opinion of others. Let them know their worth is in being Your child and not in their grades, accomplishments, or comparisons.

Abba, guide and protect all those working as educators and educational support services. I pray for their physical safety from harm, disease, and evil intentions. I pray they would feel supported and loved by the families they serve, and they colleagues whom they serve beside. I pray that parents that are teaching children at home would be encouraged and would lead their children well. I also pray for those who are supervising online learning and are working hard to create a sense of “normal” with kids who are struggling to be away from rhythms and friendships.

Holy One, I pray for friendships and relationships of my kids. I pray they would find friends who help point them toward You, your goodness, and your truth. I pray too, that their presence in the lives of others would lead them to greater love and devotion toward Jesus.

It’s in your holy name we pray, Amen.

One More Thing About Prayer…

Thanks for praying along with me. This is a time of great disruption and uncertainty. I am certain that prayer is one of the most important things we can do to love and care for our families and for one another.

Finally, one more thing: How can I pray for you? I’d love specific prayer requests I and the FamMin team can lift up for you! Feel free to reply directly here.

Until the Next Feast,

Brian Martin


Awana registration is open. Awana begins September 16. To register, or more detailed information about how we are handling this year, please go here.

Youth Group (grades 6-12) also begins September 16. Unlike Awana, youth group does not require pre-registration – just show up!

The Pray for Me Campaign will be back again this year, starting in October. You can participate in two ways: 1) Register your family to be prayed for, and 2) you can register to be a Prayer Partner for another family HERE.

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