About Facilities Use at Calvary

Calvary Evangelical Free Church

General Information

Any and all ministry events connected with Calvary Evangelical Free Church must first have Pastoral Approval.  Please call the church office to schedule an appointment to meet with the Pastor responsible for the ministry area. Non-ministry events must be in accordance with Calvary’s values and may be approved by the facilities manager without Pastoral approval.

Facilities Manager approval is required after Pastoral approval has been received or for non-ministry related events.  Please review the Facility Use Policy prior to submitting the request.  We suggest you print and keep a copy of the policy for your information.  Submit the Facilities Use Request Form to the Facilities Manager.  You may submit it through the church website, which sends it directly to Joel Minchinton, or you may place a completed hard copy in his mailbox in the church workroom.  All Facilities Use Forms need to be received and approved by the Facilities Manager prior to any publicity of the event.  Upon receiving your request form, the facilities manager will discuss the request with the Pastoral staff to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts. He will then contact you to let you know it has been approved.  At that time, he will also discuss the room assignment and any other details. The church office will publish the event information according to their guidelines. If you would like your event promoted in the monthly Ministry Update, please contact Nancy Sobczak. For website promotions Gail Peterson.

Step One: Submit Facilities Use Form
Step Two: Pastoral Approval when needed
Step Three: Facilities Manager Approval
Step Four: Facilities Manager will notify the person responsible for the event
Step Five: Church Office will publish according to guidelines

The event will not be advertised in the monthly Ministry Update, or put on the church website, without Pastoral and Facility Manager approval. 

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