The Long Road Home

We all made it safely out of the country and have landed back in the States.  Now we wait, eat, sleep, ride the SkyTrain in Miami, walk the halls in New York, and process all that has happened over the past two weeks. So much…

From the “team mom’s” perspective, this has been quite a trip. I am so proud of each one of these amazing people I have been with. I was privileged to witness the courage of our young head injury patient, grace between roommates, the honesty and stretching in sharing testimonies and teachings, the encouragement given to younger and older members of the team, the quick acceptance and bonding with new Dominican friends acting as our translators, the kids who stepped up to squash large bugs, the servant leadership of John and Connor, and the persistent energy of the kids under a full schedule.  All of you can be very proud of the representatives you helped send to bring Jesus’ gospel to the Dominican Republic.

I admit I am happy to be coming home. It didn’t feel like a sad good-bye this morning at the Santiago airport because  knowing that Rick and Becky will be following us in a few short weeks. It is, however, hard to come home as well. Sometimes there is no way to put into words all the feelings experienced on an intense trip such as this. But we will be excited to try to share with anyone who wants to listen, so please ask! We are so grateful to all of you who helped send us, and we want you to know that. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the team back home supporting us. Our new and old friends in the D.R. want you to know of their gratitude as well.

We will see you in a few more hours!

In gratitude,

Erin Kittleson

AKA The Team Mom

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