Q & A with Will Larson and Josh Fry

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Sorry It’s been a couple of days since our last blog.  We lost power one day and the other day was a pretty packed day as it was.  I wish you all could see how God is moving in our team.  Below is a Q & A with Will Larson and Josh Fry.  Today we’ll have a couple more students blog as we have some down time today to catch you all up on what’s going on.  Stay tuned!

What have you done so far Will?

We have done Vacation Bible School with the kids in Buenos Aires, and had a Youth Group rally, both on Monday night. Grace and I also gave our testimonies at the youth rally while Christiana delivered a message from the book of Hosea. Over all, we have had a lot of time just being with the lord, reflecting, and growing closer as a team. We also went to Buenos Aires and painted two houses. During that time, John sent Grace and I to the other house we were painting to get some extra supplies. When we got there, Pastor Alex, Caleb, Rick, and about 5 other people were trying to push a truck up the hill. They called me over to help push, so I did. Right after I started pushing, the car started to move. Little did I know that they had been pushing for quite some time. After all was said and done, Pastor Alex turns to Caleb and I, and said “ that man is a Real man”, so that’s kind of stuck, and now I’m apparently called “Real man”.

Will can you share your experience in performing the skit at church and sharing your testimony at the youth rally?

My experience with the skit, isn’t really one that’s easy to explain. After we finished it, Rick came up and talked about the different distractions, and it just put so much more into perspective for me. Sharing my testimony wasn’t easy, it was a lot of pain built up over many, many, years. But with the help of my friends, my family, and the Holy Spirit, I was able to share it, with confidence. Even though I left my note book here at the camp with everything written in it.

Josh can you share your experience with the skit and your feelings about how God may use and is preparing you to share your testimony later this week?

This first time we did our skit was in Buenos Aires. We did really well on it even though I didn’t think I was prepared; during the skit I was thinking, “Wow, I’ve also put earthly things before God, and that’s not right.” At that moment I really felt bad for all I’ve done and repented right then and there. That was a really powerful moment for me.
I don’t like speaking in front of others too much and I think I’m bad at it but I’m sharing my testimony on Monday. After hearing Will’s and Grace’s testimonies, they have lead me to have confidence in myself. So hearing everyone else’s has really helped me prepare my testimony.

What has been your favorite moment/part of the tip thus far?

(Will) Today, we drove to Boma, and we drove there but then we walked to the church. It was a good forty minute walk up the mountain to this remote village. While we were there, we all got into the church and worshiped God. We also met one of the elders there. He is an amazing person. When Pastor Alex couldn’t work, or anything to provide for his family, he would go and deliver food for him all the way from Boma, to Buenos Aires. This guy would have to walk forty minutes to get to the nearest city and then drive all the way to Buenos Aires. How amazing is that? This man lives in the middle of nowhere, yet he provides for a family a long ways away. Afterwards John and Connor asked us to walk silently back to the van. It was a great time to reflect on the week and pray.

What has God taught you this far?

(Josh) This week so far God has taught us that he is always faithful; that no matter what kind of situations you find yourself in, he’s always there.

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