If the door is open

El Montana

It’s not right or wrong it’s just different

After recuperating a bit from the long travel day we spent our first morning in the Dominican Republic learning about the D.R. and one phrase we are becoming familiar with is the one you just read above.

We visited each community as a team and got to take in the lay of the land and pray over the local leaders including each team from Calvary that would be ministering in that community. The next day we were able to mingle with the people as we went door to door visiting with the locals and inviting them to our rallies that evening. I have to be honest it definitely felt different. As we walked through the community an open door was an open invitation to come in. “Ah this is completely normal” our translator reassured us, as we followed him into the porch of the house. Chairs were quickly brought out to us and if there was not enough our host or hostess insisted we sit on the chairs as they sat on the floor. Even if our host was elderly they would insist we sit on the chairs. These were complete strangers welcoming complete strangers into their homes.  Most homes in the D.R. have a front patio with many seats, a sign that talking with your neighbors is not only common but expected.  We spent a minimum of twenty minutes at each home getting to know each other, asking questions and ending our time together in prayer and everyone was so friendly.  We look forward going back tonight to each community for a evening church service.  We appreciate your ongoing prayers as each team will teach tonight, share a testimony and maybe even share another skit.  Thanks for following along with us.

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