God’s Movement on our Trip

Naomi giving a little girl from Buenos Aires a piggy back ride

Hello Calvary family!

I asked two members, one from each team, to share how they saw God moving in their team or on the trip in the past two weeks.

Naomi (Buenos Aires Team): This past week I have seen Jesus moving a lot, but one particular instance was the rain in Buenos Aires. We had prayed for it to rain because the people who lived there needed water for things like laundry, showering, the bathroom and basic things like that. Later that day right as we finished up VBS and Youth it started to rain. God’s timing is perfect and it is so incredible to experience and see things like this and get to serve the Lord.

Rachael (La Vid Team): Over the past week I have seen God work through many ways, but I would like to highlight two of them. First, we prayed that the people in the community surrounding the church would be receptive to the message we were sharing and join us for the events we are putting on. When we were going door to door, most people were very welcoming and open to our invitations. We have seen people from the community who do not attend the church normally coming to VBS and evening events. Second, he has been faithful in sustaining us while we do ministry and giving our courage to be bold in our witness. Many of us have shared a message or testimony in front of people, which is something most are afraid to do. It is a beautiful thing to hear God call you to do something and trust in him to give you the strength. 

God is doing great things! We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to come to the D.R.. Thanks for reading!

Elise Berryhill

3 thoughts on “God’s Movement on our Trip”

  1. Thankful that you are seeing fruit from your labors, courage, prayers, and challenges of faith. We serve an amazing God!
    Your testimonies minister to us too. Keep track of all your God-sitings so you can share them over and over and bring them to mind in the future.

  2. So lovely to see how God is working in your lives and those you are ministering too. Fun pictures to see! Praying for you!

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