DR Trip Day 6

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Hello, my name is Hannah Eide. This morning we got in the vans to head to Los Calabazos. I got in the van dedicated to silence, we called it the “quiet van”. We have been around our team the whole time and need time to process what we have gotten to see and do. We went to Los Calabazos to reflect and refuel ourselves with Christ. John made a point to check ourselves that we are giving the glory to God, it is easy to feel that we our the great ones and not give the glory to God like we should. Los Calabazos is in the mountains and we had an amazing view of the valley. We hiked down lots of stairs to get to the river. John and Rick gave us guides to follow during quiet time. Then we all got to find a beautiful spot in the woods by the river and strengthen our relationship with God. I prayed and journaled then finally got to a point I wanted to recommit my life to Christ. We then rejoined in the gazebo and sang a couple worship songs in English and Spanish. There was an amazing lunch waiting for us at Los Calabazos. We then got to swim in the river under a long swinging bridge. We jumped off a rock that was probably around 16 feet. We all had an amazing time jumping off it together, doing flips, and belly flopping. Today was a meaningful time with God and a time to continue building relationships with other on our team.



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