DR Trip Day 5

Dominican Republic Missions - sport camp

Hello! My name is Megan Jensen, I am 16 years old. Today was a full day I woke up and went on a run, which I recommend never to do, I was super sore! Right after breakfast we all got into our vans, I ride in the Juan party bus. We arrived late because we were exchanging money, so when we got there we only had an hour and a half to finish painting the house. After we finished that we came back to the camp to get lunch, we came late so we didn’t have that much time. We were off to our sports camps, today I played kickball and volleyball. I got to hear Isaiah’s testimony, which was amazing. Rick had asked one of the Dominican’s to share their story, after a moment of silence this boy, I would say around 19, talked about his life. Both of his parents are not Christians but at the age of 10 he heard the lord talk to him at a youth group he was invited to, he also said how he has to fight for his faith everyday but he wouldn’t have it any other way, that Jesus was worth it. I think it’s so incredible to see such strength and humbleness come from this man. It’s so easy to forget that we worship the same holy God, that we are all a giant family. When the sports camp was done we headed home for dinner, and was delighted when they said we could go for ice cream! We are still bouncing from the sugar. We had a major dance party, where I got to learn how to dance from our Dominican translators, which weird enough was on my bucket list. CHECK!!!! I can’t wait to see how the Lord will work in all of us during the next 10 days.


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