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Hello people! It’s Grace Barnhart here. This trip has been CRAZY and amazing and totally God filled. Today we held a big youth conference here at HQ in La Salle. We invited all the teens from Los Higos and El Montana. We actually got a really great turn out! There was a significantly larger number people from Los Higos but due to the fact that Montana is a much smaller community we actually had a great turn out. We played sports and some of us totally failed. By some of us I mean me. Then we had everyone meet up and we had worship and teaching. Then we had the teens write any questions they had about life, religion, etc. anonymously. All of the questions were deep, faith related questions. Before answering, we stopped and had lunch. Afterwards the Team from Calvary answered the Dominicans questions. A few were hard to answer but they were real and important questions. The last question was “how do I ask Jesus into my heart” I was given the opportunity to do the alter call prayer. It was intimidating and I hope I did well. I came back shaking and Amber pointed out that I’m a total pastor’s kid. Which is totally true. But hey there are worse things to be. After that, we tried to have a water war and it lasted a whole 0.2 seconds before pure chaos. Then the Dominican youth went back to their communities and we had alone time. I spent the afternoon with a book in a hammock. God has really been challenging me to learn how to show his love even when I am super tired and have been around people for too long. It has definitely been difficult for me but it has been a blessing to have gracious people around me. I think I can safely speak for the team when I say that we greatly appreciate your prayers. God has been moving in and around this trip and it has been amazing to see what God can do with a group of willing people. Until next time, this is Grace, signing out.

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  1. So proud of you taking so much responsibility and know it is important to take quiet time and fill your soul with the love of God.

  2. Grace always did an amazing job in any assignment. The youth were fantastic witnesses of Jesus love wherever we went.

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