Dominican Republic Trip 2019

A love that Sends

I was a newlywed, head over heals for my wife and we ran into our first major problem, I was going away on a week long trip….without her. How would we survive being away for so long? I’ll never forget opening my bag and finding handwritten notes to me for each day that I would be away from her. Each note contained a verse, a note of encouragement, a memory of ours to reminisce, and a confession of love. It was hard not to open them all at once but it gave me something to look forward to everyday. It could not fully compensate not being together but it made my day. Each day that passed was one day closer to being reunited.

We’ve been going to the DR for over 20 years as a church and each time a team is sent it’s like a new love note is being read amongst them. Not necessarily from Calvary, but from the Lord. It’s not that they don’t interact with Him regularly but this is a unique way in which He expresses His love for them. We get to be apart of His love note to them. When you think about it isn’t that what Christ did for all of us. Left His heavenly home, traveled a far distance to come tell us in person the wonderful gift of God’s love. It was something so valuable to share it cost Him everything. It’s His priceless love, His amazing grace that makes going so worth it all!

Are we excited to go? Yes. Are we scared to go? Maybe a little. But in the end we are compelled to go because it is His love that sends us and we are walking in His footsteps…… We love because he first loved us – 1 John 4:19

Would you consider joining us? We would love your prayer support as we are ministering in country from June 13 – June 26. Be sure to check back here often as we update the blog with pictures and stories to share with our friends and family back home. Thanks again for going on this journey with us.

Your 2019 DR Team

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