Church in Boma

Church in Boma

Saludo Calvary Familia,

This morning, Rick Mackey took a team of six people to visit the church in Boma. During the half hour drive on windy and steep roads, he gave us the history of the church. 

This morning a woman who had left the church returned and we got to be there on the morning this reconciliation happened! 

In Boma, they used to have a one room school house, but now there are no opportunities for education. Because of this, the younger generations usually end up moving away.

Rick and the six members of the team lead the service: worship, preaching, and personally sharing testimony of God’s blessing in our lives. The Dominican believers are so friendly: after the service, we went around and hugged everyone, saying “Dios te bendiga”(God bless you). 

After church, Rick took us on the steep rocky trail that crossed the river using a rope bridge that was very wobbly, had very low handrails, and had quite a few gaps between the wooden steps (apparently, it used to be worse). There were a handful of roaming cows and a steer on the way. We visited a couple mountain homes, where they showed us their kitchen (with a clay oven), and animals (dogs, cats, chickens, and a horse that wandered off and comes back when it is hungry!). The man who lived there said that he would have come to church this morning, but missed because he couldn’t find his horse! We made our way back to the car, and returned to La Salle in time for lunch. It was a great experience, and I’m glad I was able to go.

   Thanks everyone!

Abby Erpelding

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  1. Sounds like an amazing time! I love reading your updates, and know that God is doing a great work through all of you!

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