Caleb’s Experience in the DR

Caleb Wright with Tyler Kirk.

Hello Calvary!

Tonight is our last night in the Dominican Republic and I asked Caleb to share how he has seen God working on the trip personally:

Over this trip, I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend much of my time with Sami, one of our translators. We have shared a room at our camp, La Salle, and had many conversations about life and how it can be difficult to rely on God during testing times. Using the fellowship God has allowed us, we have both managed to open up about our current situations and work to make peace about God’s plan for us in them. I was honored to have Sami translate my testimony at our first evening rally at the church in Buenos Aires, and his skills actually made it easier to share than if I had only been sharing in English, as I had more time to collect myself. I am so thankful God gave Sami and I this trip to form a meaningful connection that we plan on continuing through college and beyond. I hope everyone back home is doing well and I ask that you all be praying for our upcoming travel day. Thank you all for your support!

Caleb Wright

3 thoughts on “Caleb’s Experience in the DR”

    1. Jeffery G Taylor

      I’m thrilled to have two grandsons Josiah and Tyler serving in mission for Gods kingdom News of the team serving in the D R has spread to New Zealand the other side of the world I am truely blessed and give Glory to God for their example and servant hearts Grandad Taylor

  1. Great job Caleb! Glad you were able to share! It’s neat how God works. Whooda thunk that God would show up in this way!

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