Tuesday, June 18th Update

Covid-19 Response

Calvary Moves to "Level 2"

Calvary's Leadership Board is making good progress on a comprehensive multi-level plan for how we can increasingly "regather" together as a Calvary family. As a result of this work, the Leadership Board has two important updates to share:

  • On Monday, June 15th, the Leadership Board moved Calvary to “Level 2” of our Regathering Plan. Under Level 2, we encourage groups of up to 30 people to meet together in person. We think this will be particularly welcome by current small groups and newly formed SEED groups that include several families with kids, allowing the whole family to join the gathering. For groups of up to this size meeting, we encourage you to plan your meeting space to safely accommodate a safely-distanced gathering. We recommend that, as much as possible, you take advantage of our beautiful Minnesota summers to meet outside. Meeting spaces for groups of up to this size are now available in the Calvary building on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays and can be scheduled through the Church Office.
  • We will be revealing the rest of our multi-level Regathering Plan at a Calvary Town Hall Meeting via Zoom webinar on Sunday evening June 28th. Please pray for us as we continue to work with Calvary’s staff to work out the details of this plan.

Calvary is currently in Re-Opening Phase 2

In the Calvary family, there are two places we will most likely return to face-to-face community- our house (the Calvary facility) and your house. The following chart will guide us in how we plan to transition safely in Phase 2

Reconnection Step Our House​ Your House
Face-to-face meetings restart Yes, please do!1 Yes, please do!
Stay home if you are sick or have temperature Required Recommended
Stay home if you are considered "vulnerable" Required Recommended
Maximum gathering number 30 (adults & children)4 Use Wisdom
Maintain social distance of 6' Required Recommended
Use of an adequate mask* Required2 Recommended
Taking temperature at home or upon entry* Recommended2 Recommended
Maintaining a log of attendance for tracking Required Recommended
Reporting a COVID test-positive within 24 hrs. Required Required3
  1. You can schedule a room at Calvary online (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays).
  2. Calvary has quick-read forehead thermometers and a supply of face masks available for those who do not have access to one.
  3. If you host a face-to-face get together and learn one of your group members tests positive for COVID-19, please contact a staff member and we will make the necessary reporting steps.
  4. This was increased from 10 (adults & children) during our Re-opening Phase 1 to 30 (adults & children) during our current Re-opening Phase 2.

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