Our COVID-19 Response Values

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Since COVID-19 appeared on our radar, Calvary has tried to respond with several values in mind — compassioncounsel, and unity. By compassion, we wanted to honor God’s command to love our neighbor. By counsel, we wanted to tap into the expertise of those in the medical community. By unity, we wanted to make decisions if possible in coordination with the other churches in town, believing God would guide us, and in acting with unity, we would be a Christ-honoring witness to the community.

It has been consistently clear that compassion, especially for the most vulnerable in our community and for the medical and other first responders to this outbreak, directed us to lean into early and robust actions to do our part to slow down the spread of this disease. The counsel we have sought through the medical professionals within Calvary and across our community have consistently advised us to be proactive with resources and education to slow the spread of this disease. And, in coordinating closely with sister churches in town, we have been struck at the unity in values that drove the steps taken and decisions made to do each church’s part to slow the spread of this disease..

On March 12th, our Governor and the Minnesota Department of Health held a press conference and made recommendations that Calvary and other churches suspend worship services and non-essential meetings on our campus (the MDH recommendations are attached). This was put into effect immediately.

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