Modifications of COVID restrictions

Calvry Update
  • Removal of Masks: Individuals who are functioning in a formal role of preaching, teaching, making announcements, praying, or reading Scripture may remove their masks while doing so, provided that:
    • They are in the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Gymnasium, Youth Room, or the Pie-Shaped Room (all larger rooms with more ventilation and more space for social-distancing). This exception does not apply in any classroom or other smaller room at Calvary.
    • They maintain at least 12 feet distance from everyone else in the room.
    • They wear their mask at all other times.

  • Dismissal from Worship Services: The ushers no longer need to dismiss people from worship services. (The benefits of this were negligible.)

  • Seating in the Sanctuary: The ushers have the discretion to use the RSVP information on Sunday mornings to accommodate a larger number of people by maintaining a minimum of 2 seats (verses the normal 3 seats) between people/families.

  • Serving Food/Meals – Food/Meals may be served at Calvary providing current MDH restaurant guidelines are followed (i.e., spacing between tables; number of people at tables, etc.)

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