11:00am Service moving indoors

Calvary Update

As was mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the Leadership Board has been weighing our options with regards to our Sunday morning services, specifically whether to continue to hold weekly outdoor services.  We received feedback from many of you, with a wide range of thoughts on the topic.  We want the Calvary family to know that we greatly appreciate hearing from all of you and did take time to read and discuss the thoughts you shared.  This was not an easy decision to make.  

However, after our discussion and prayerful consideration, the Leadership Board has decided to return to two indoor services on Sunday mornings.  We are also going to keep the service times at 9am and 11am for the time being.  

I know that for some this will be a welcome decision, but for others, it will bring disappointment and perhaps a feeling of rejection.  Please know that is certainly not the heart of the Leadership Board.  We love and want to support the entire Calvary family and will continue to look for ways to do that with the resources we have available.  The Board will be working with the Pastors to determine how we can best utilize our outdoor space to edify and unify the Calvary body as we have all enjoyed the opportunity to be outside together.  We are also working to improve both the quality of our live-streamed service as well as the experience of those who watch it.  There are likely other ways that we can best meet the needs of our entire congregation, and we remain open to any suggestions you may have because we truly desire for all to feel welcome and to remain actively engaged with the body at Calvary.

If you have concerns about this decision or anything else going on at Calvary, the Leadership Board would love to talk with you further.  Please feel free to email us your thoughts at [email protected] or even better, let us know a date and time some from the Board could sit down and chat with you.

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