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We encourage the Calvary family to BLESS those around you in some way during the days leading up to our Neighborfest celebration on August 8. The people we seek to bless are those in our sphere where we live, work, and play; also, think of the FRANC categories: friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, and colleagues.

“BLESS principle” (Gen 12:1-3) challenges us to bless people and through those blessings allow the Lord to draw people to himself.  The subtitle of the book (B.L.E.S.S. by brothers Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson) we are giving to everyone in the church family says, “5 everyday ways to love your neighbor and change the world.” We will cover each of these topics in the coming weeks.

“B.L.E.S.S” Practices

Bless our community!

Bless our CommunityWe are using “BLESS” practices, making the free book by that title available to all church attendees. Begin by praying for five people God places on your heart with whom you live, work, or play (friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, and colleagues), building relationships with them. “BLESS” covers the spectrum from simple to complex: writing a note to a lonely person or teacher, getting together for coffee or lunch, cleaning a city park as a family or small group, or installing a floor or roof for a person in need. We serve without strings, simply showing others Jesus’ reviving love. If you connect with someone through BLESS, feel free to invite him or her to the event on August 8, 4-7 PM, at Calvary.


Mark your calendar for our NeighborFest celebration on August 8, 4-7 PM, at Calvary

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  1. Thanks for starting this. I need to be challenged to step more out of my comfort zone and love others around me. Thanks for starting us with something practical to do.

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