Forgiven: A Christmas Parable

A Christmas Musical Event

Friday, December 22, 7pm; Saturday, December 23, 5pm & 7pm; Sunday, December 24, 2pm & 4pm 2023
Calvary E Free Church | 5500 25th Ave NW, Rochester MN | | 507-282-4612

An Original Christmas musical Comedy

for the whole family

Sonny is a man struggling to figure out how to pay the bills at Christmas. When Grandma, Chris, and Fran come to Sonny and Kara’s home for Christmas dinner, the pressures of money and family rise. Based on the biblical parable of the unforgiving servant, Forgiven is a picture of the power of Christ’s forgiveness and its impact on our relationships. We are forgiven to forgive.

The musical is part of an hour-long service. Those that join us can expect to participate in singing some Christmas carols and having a great Christmas celebration. Between the shows on both Saturday and Sunday, there will be Christmas treats and a chance to take family Christmas pictures, too. The whole family will have a great time. Join us for a fun and festive start to your Christmas celebration!


Show dates and times

Friday, December 22, 7pm

Saturday, December 23, 5pm

Infant – Kindergarten Childcare provided

Saturday, December 23, 7pm

Sunday, December 24, 2pm

Infant – Kindergarten Childcare provided

Sunday, December 24, 4pm

Need Childcare?

Please register your children in advance


All Calvary attenders and guests are encouraged to RSVP to help even out the performances’ attendance.  Please invite friends and family and include them in your RSVP. We ask that only one person in your party RSVP by selecting a performance date and time and letting us know the total number attending in your party. 

Reservations Policy

We cannot guarantee a seat, so signing up for a less attended showtime and arriving early is strongly encouraged.  It is recommended you show up 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of the performance for seating.   Thanks!

Plans changed?

Questions or changes to your registrations may be directed to Kathy Martin at or viewing your “Registration Confirmation for Forgiven: A Christmas Parable” email and selecting  the “View registration” button.

Our Blog

A behind the scenes look of our upcoming Christmas musical

Our Cast

Meet our very own talented Calvary cast!

Physician by day…thespian by…well, only on special occasions. Jason has a long history of theater engagement, though, and is delighted to participate in this artistic endeavor this Christmas, a “fun, new way” for Calvary to share the gospel.

Jason O'Grady


With wide experience on the stage––recently with two productions with Honors Choirs of SE MN–– and a fondness for musical theater, Jenna is a pro on the stage. Jenna’s favorite Christmas tradition is to ring bells & sing at the Salvation Army Red Kettles with her family, so if you run into her at a kettle in December, donate big and maybe she’ll give you a soundbite of Forgiven’s music.

Jenna Daire


With experience in theater in every decade of his life, Tim is another “expert” on the stage. He believes story is powerful in conveying the human experience, so he is grateful to be part of telling this one, which is made up of “top quality” writing and music. Tim is also thrilled to share the stage with his son, Justus, who is a joyful member of the choir.

Tim McCollough


This father of five is in the role of…what else?...the father in Calvary's Christmas theater. Brian came to faith when he was a cast member of a Christmas musical back in 1997, so he is especially enthusiastic about the potential impact of Forgiven in Rochester this year. And he loves a good laugh, so this pastor is quite enjoying himself in this musical comedy.

Brian Martin


This beloved grandma, retired Admin Secretary, and veteran thespian has been hoping to be in “one more play,” so she’s excited that the part of “Grandma” is hers. Pat notes the talented actors, great music score, and high energy of the entire production––she adds to all of that––and expects Forgiven to be an enjoyable and meaningful experience for those who attend.

Pat Hallstrom


A homeschool mom of three kids, Christy assumes the role of Fran. Why did she make time in her schedule for Christmas theater? First, she recognizes the brokenness of families and culture and hopes the play will inspire healing. Second, she says, “I want to be on the original cast recording when this thing hits Broadway!”

Christy Reed


A Rochester 9th grader, Elise loves to sing and act and is especially delighting in doing so with other cast members from her church family. She’s acted in productions of The Music Man, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, and more, and now she’s really looking forward to the collective effort of this show to make people smile and to convey the message that underlies Forgiven.

Elise Yager


This 9th grader already has an impressive resume in theater. Most recently, he played the leads in school productions of both Seussical and Peter Pan. Sam is a natural on the stage, so it was a no-brainer for him to engage with his church’s Christmas theater this year. He hopes Calvary members will bring others to the show.

Sam Bushre


A busy father of five and a data engineer but also a veteran of the stage, Jeremy is making time for the arts again this year as a choir member in Forgiven. He finds the script to be “funny and heartwarming” and the music numbers to be “harmonious” with “all the feels.”

Jeremy Moreland


Scott is new to the stage but challenged by one of his four kids to give musical participation a shot, this engineer auditioned and is now part of the musical comedy’s choir. He loves to be counted among a cast that includes “real pros” who will “flex their talent” to bring meaningful theater to Rochester on Christmas Eve.

Scott King


This high school senior’s schedule is full and although she has a couple of dozen stage productions under her belt, she couldn’t help but participate in her church’s original musical comedy. She is a magnificent singer, but personal success in Forgiven depends on her dance skills, she says. “Success is not forgetting my choreography!”

Justine Dickie


With a role in the musical’s choir and as understudy “Grandma,” Linnea is resurrecting her talent with music to join a fun ensemble cast. She loves Forgiven for its “relatability and heart,” and she expects people will both have fun and have something to consider after the show.

Linnea Johnson


Timothy Camerer


AnaMarie Moen


This 9th grader stays busy with school, a part-time job, and theater, too. Her role in the choir and as an understudy “Elise” in Forgiven is not her only theatrical commitment in December, so you’re likely to see this young actor in shows around Rochester in the coming years. “My church was putting on a musical,” she says, so “of course” she was going to try out!

Kennedy Martin


In 8th grade, Logan already has an impressive theater resume. He’s been on the stage for local productions of Twelfth Night, Our Town, The Wizard of Oz, and more. A self-described extrovert, Logan is thrilled to spend time with the rest of the cast, which includes some of his friends.

Logan Rounds


Micah is an 8th grader who says he wasn’t expecting to get a part in this original musical, but he thought he’d give it a shot. He is an adventure-seeker, after all, and he has a strong singing voice, so he is a great addition to this cast. You’ll spot this talented kid adding humor in the choir.

Micah Satterblom


Just a 4th grader, Maisie is just beginning what we might expect to be a full slate of productions by the time she graduates her K-12 education. A favorite Christmas memory for Maisie is producing a play with her cousins at Christmas. We’ll expect the Yager family to delight in this production, which features two of their daughters.

Maisie Yager


Justus McCollough


Our Crew

Director Kyle Bushre
Stage Manager AJ Bradshaw
Costumes Rowyn Martin
Choreography Marne Perrin
Stage Design Kate & Josh Laack
Props Dianne Orth
Music Director Jamie Robinson
Music Transcription Dick Rohrbaugh
Band Jamie Robinson, Jill Pearson, Dave Pearson, Laura Rohrbaugh, Dick Rohrbaugh
Tech Joel Michinton & Kurt Knodel

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