Covid-19 Response Update

Covid-19 Response

Modifications of COVID restrictions

Big red truck outside worship services at 11:00AM beginning, Sunday, May 2.

  • Both outside and in-car seating will be available.  Please bring your own chairs for outside seating. There will be a FM broadcast of the service for those who choose to stay in their cars.
  • If there is rain, we will move the service indoors.
  • We will be discontinuing our Sunday Morning Worship RSVPs also beginning May 2nd.
  • The 9:00am church worship service will continue to be indoors.

Beginning Sunday, March 7th in the 11 AM service, the worship team singers will not be wearing masks as they sing.

The Leadership Board has approved some COVID-related changes that we wanted to draw your attention to.  First, starting this coming Sunday, March 7th in the 11 AM service, the worship team singers will not be wearing masks as they sing.  This change is part of an incremental process of working towards returning safely to pre-COVID expectations and also hoping to provide a greater sense of connection both in the building and online for those attending our service.  This change will only affect the 11 AM Sunday morning worship service at this time and does not change the masking policy for those attending the service, only those singing on the worship team.  With this change, both the 9 AM and 11 AM services will be available via live stream.  Our desire was to announce this change sooner in the week to allow those RSVPing for our service a chance to make their decision with this information in mind.  If you have already RSVPed for the 11 AM service and would like to change that for any reason, please contact Kathy Martin, [email protected], who can assist you with that process.

Sunday Morning Early Childhood classes resume

The second is an update from Family Ministries.  As those of you with children in this age range have hopefully heard, we will be resuming Early Childhood classes starting this Sunday.  You should have received an email today from Amy Bowers with more details, so please check that out.  If you have friends or family attending this week that may not have received this information, please contact Amy or Pastor Brian for the details.  

Please let us know you are coming

Space is limited. 


And if you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please reach out to myself or another Leadership Board member.  We would be happy to talk more with you.

Returning Safely to Face-to-Face Community

In the Calvary family, there are two places we will most likely return to face-to-face community- our house (the Calvary facility) and your house. The following chart will guide us in how we plan to transition safely in Level III

Reconnection Step Our House​ Your House
Face-to-face meetings restart Yes, please do!1 Yes, please do!
Stay home if you are sick or have temperature Required Recommended
Stay home if you are considered "vulnerable" Required Recommended
Maximum gathering number 125 (adults & children) in Sacturary Use Wisdom
Maintain social distance of 6' Required Recommended
Use of an adequate mask* Required2 Recommended
Taking temperature at home or upon entry* Recommended2 Recommended
Maintaining a log of attendance for tracking Required Recommended
Reporting a COVID test-positive within 24 hrs. Required Required3
  1. You can schedule a room at Calvary online.
  2. Calvary has quick-read forehead thermometers and a supply of face masks available for those who do not have access to one.
  3. If you host a face-to-face get together and learn one of your group members tests positive for COVID-19, please contact a staff member and we will make the necessary reporting steps.

Past Updates

outdoor church service
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

11am Outdoor Worship Service beginning Sunday, May 2nd

Big red truck outside worship services at 11:00am beginning, Sunday, May 2.

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Calvary Update
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

Covid Policy Update effective 3/7

Starting this coming Sunday, March 7th in the 11 AM service, the worship team singers will not be wearing masks as they sing. We are also resuming Early Childhood Sunday Morning classes with a children’s RSVP.

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Calvry Update
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

Modifications of COVID restrictions

These modifications are based upon the Leadership Board’s prayerful consideration and discussion of the needs of Calvary, the downward trends of COVID infection rates and hospitalizations, and the increasing availability of a vaccine.

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Calvary In-Person Worship RSVP
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

Calvary Indoor Worship RSVP

Join us for Sunday worship at 9:00am and 11:00am. View what you need to know as we meet indoors.

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Calvry Update
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

Returning to In-Person Worship December 20th

Calvary is returning to in-person worship services on Sunday, Dec. 20th. In this video Pastor Dan Werthman and Leadership Board Chairman Kyle Satterblom share the details and the basis for this decision.

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Covid-19 Response
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

Sunday Worship Online ONLY

Calvary’s Church Worship Service is moving to an online live stream only format due to the surge in the rate of Covid infections in our community. The service will be live streamed Sundays at 10:30am beginning this Sunday, Nov 22nd.

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