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Children’s Ministry Director Job Opening

Calvary has a Children's Ministry Director job opening.

 Please submit cover letter and resume to Brian Martin by April 1 at [email protected]

Children’s Ministry Director Job Description

Classification: Part Time (20-25 hours per week)
Reports to: Family-Equipping Pastor
Start Date: As soon as April 1, 2020

Ministry Description

The role of Children’s Ministry Director is to provide leadership, oversight and development to the adult teammates serving in Children’s Ministry, and to develop relationships with children and families.

One Sentence Job Description

To set a vision and provide a path for discipleship so that each child can grow deeper in a faith of their own.


  • Vital and Growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Highly relational, hospitable, and people-focused
  • Strong creative and problem-solving abilities; Commitment to excellence
  • Strong organizational skills with regard to scheduling, communication, delegation of responsibilities, and some event planning
  • Ability to recruit and equip others to work together on various teams
  • Active member of the church community at Calvary (upon hire)
  • 5+ years of ministry leadership experience preferred
  • This teammate must strongly resonate with our mission statement: helping every member of the family grow in a faith of their own.
  • Believes strongly that Children’s Ministry exists to do three primary things: serve and love kids, equip and empower parents, and develop and encourage leaders.

Skill Set/Duties

  • Provide overall leadership, vision, and direction for Children’s Ministries at Calvary, as it is complimentary to the overall goals of the greater Family Ministry vision, and Calvary as a whole.
  • Manage and lead the programming for kids grade 4 and below on Sundays and Wednesdays. This includes curriculum preparation, volunteer management, safety procedures and protocols, and facility use oversight.
  • Approach Children’s Ministry programming through the lens of family-equipping, fostering important partnerships with parents. Parents must be acknowledged, equipped, and held accountable as the primary spiritual disciplers of their families.
  • Ensure that volunteer staff is appropriately screened and background checked prior to beginning their volunteer positions. (This role will be largely facilitated by the FamMin Assistant.)
  • Provide adequate communication of duties, schedules, and expectations to the volunteer teams
  • Work jointly with the FamMin Team to plan and implement other events related to accomplishing team goals such as: Vacation Bible School, Calvary Camp Week, Neighborfest, and others.
  • Participate in weekly meetings to foster overall program excellence through communication, support, prayer, special events and planning.
  • Launch new Sunday morning large group/small group programming option for Fall 2020
  • Support other special projects, as time allows

Hours & Logistics

While office hours are flexible, Children’s Ministry requires a fair amount of hands-on work that often requires being in the building – especially since being present on all Wednesdays and some Sundays is a bulk of the weekly hours. Additionally, there are 1-3 weekly meetings that the CM Director would likely be expected at. Because there may be a high degree of volunteer contact with this position, it is understood that some work will need to be accomplished in the evenings.

Reporting Structure and Support

The Children’s Ministry Director will report to the Family-Equipping Pastor. He or she will be assisted by a great volunteer team, a Family Ministry Assistant, and the Family-Equipping Pastor.

To apply: Please submit cover letter and resume to Brian Martin by April 1 at [email protected]

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