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Calvary Town Meeting, Sunday June 28th

View our Calvary Zoom Town Hall where we presented information about our regathering plans and interacted with your questions.  
Calvary Worship Service

Join us for Worship at Calvary

Join us for Sunday Worship Services at 9am or 11am .We are asking our Calvary family to RSVP in an effort to manage our limited capacity. Both our on-campus services comply with the recent Rochester mask ordinance for public indoor gatherings.

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Friday, June 26th Update

Dear Calvary Family,

On July 5th, we will be moving into our next level of regathering, which will include in person corporate worship for the first time since COVID-19 forced us to move to an online-only format on March 15th.  Our desire is to care for the spiritual needs of the Calvary family in any manner necessary during these unprecedented times.  We will continue pre-recorded or live streamed Worship Services for the foreseeable future to accommodate many that may need to remain safe at home.  If you are able to join us in person, below are some important details on what to expect:

Sunday, July 5th – Level 3

    • Hybrid Live/Pre-Recorded 60 minute Service at 9:00 & 11:00 am

Sunday, August 9th – Level 4 (Projected Date)

    • Live 60 minute Service at 9:00 & 11:00 am and Streamed online
    • Adult, Youth & Elementary Sunday School possibly start

As we advance forward in time and through our Regathering Levels, additional overflow locations and services times will be added as needed.  During both of the levels noted above, Calvary will follow many physical distancing guidelines which will require us to change how Sunday morning looks.  For example, as much as we all enjoy and treasure the importance of Coffee Connection to the life of Calvary, sadly this will not be possible to do safely for a while.  More specifics regarding what this will look like are listed below.

We very much hope you are able to join us, and we want you to know our goal is to make our gatherings as safe as possible for all who attend.  We would encourage everyone to make the best decision for themselves, and as much as we are looking forward to seeing our church family back together again, we know that will happen in stages and at different times for each.  We completely support the decision some will make to continue engaging with our worship service online during the COVID-19 pandemic for health or practical reasons.

Out of respect for one another, we want to remind everyone to please stay home and engage with our worship service online if you are sick, or if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or is being tested for COVID-19.  We also encourage you to review the CDC recommendation on face coverings to help prevent asymptomatic transmission.  Also, please know that your attendance on Sunday morning is voluntary and by attending in-person you are assuming the risks associated with contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Please pray for a spirit of unity and grace and for health and protection for our church as we initiate these next levels of gathering together, and that our hearts would continue to be knit together as a body of believers however and whenever we worship our great God.

Things to Expect When You Come Sunday Morning:

  • Starting the week leading up to the July 5 service and for the foreseeable future, we will ask you to RSVP for which service you will attend.  This can be done on our website or by calling the church office. We will need to cap the number of attendees at each service to help ensure appropriate distancing is possible.  Since we will not be passing the Friends & Family folders this will allow us care for our church family in some of the same ways. This will also allow us as a church to notify people in our church if there were a Covid-19 outbreak at Calvary.  We will not plan on sharing this information with any governmental agencies.
  • Allow every other row in the sanctuary to remain vacant.  Each family unit, individual, or group (up to 4 people) should leave six feet (3 seats) between them and the next group in the row.  This physical distancing should allow for approximately 150 in our sanctuary, though at Level 3 we are capping attendance at 100.
  • To help with efficiently using our seating and to assure the needed physical distancing, ushers will be more actively welcoming people to specific seats within the sanctuary.
  • When the service concludes, to allow for safer traffic flow, the ushers will dismiss us by row starting with the back row.  Please exit the building promptly, spread out and greet one another outside of the church building.  If the weather is inclement, the gymnasium will be available for lingering over safely distant conversations.
  • We encourage you to bring your own Bible, notebook for taking notes, writing utensils, and quiet activities for young children who are encouraged to attend.  Bibles, hymnals, and other items will be removed from the seat backs.
  • The bathrooms are open; however, we are discouraging their use due to inability to disinfect after each use.  Bathroom doors will be propped open where appropriate to remove a contact point with the door.
  • Please wear a mask. The wearing of face masks is one of the best ways that we can care for others in our church by helping prevent the spread of Covid-19.  So, we request that everyone age 3 and older wear a mask at all times while in the Calvary facility.  If you are unable to wear a mask for extended periods of time we would ask you to attend our 11am service. This would allow those in our church family that come to the 9am service to be confident that masks will always be worn.  Regardless of what service you attend, we would require that masks are worn whenever you are not in place within the sanctuary during the 11am service.
  • Singing has been shown to cause droplets to spread up to 27 feet from the singer.  Therefore, for the next several weeks or months we will not participate in congregational singing in the services. We will encourage you to engage your heart and mind in worship. We can still express worship through reflective and prayerful listening, speaking, physical posture and gestures.
  • Initially, there will be no printed bulletin provided, but you can print the bulletin at home before you come.
  • While we will not pass the offering plates, we encourage you to give online, give via “text-to-give”, or place your offering in the drop box near the church office.
    More giving information:

Following Him Together,

Your Leadership Board and the Regathering Working Group

[email protected]

Wayne Bowers – [email protected]
Kyle Satterblom – [email protected]
Brian Martin – [email protected]
Tim Nelson – [email protected]

Finally, here are seven reminders to help us care for one another and be safer together:

  • Please wear a mask at all times to care for others in our church and help stop the spread of the virus.
  • Don’t shake hands or give hugs, even if the other person says it’s okay.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length, or 3 chairs’ length) from other groups.
  • Don’t attend service if you are sick or if you are in a high-risk category, join us online instead.
  • Please help us keep the sanctuary clean.  Don’t leave anything behind (like paper, trash or personal belongings).
Downloadable copy

Calvary’s Regathering Levels

Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V Level VI
Max # 10 30 100 150 200 Full
PROJECTED Date June 15 July 5 Aug 9 (Unknown) (Unknown)
Seed Groups/Small groups?
Online Worship Services Available
Live Preaching
Live Worship Team
Live Stream of Service
Sunday School/Groups ?
Congregational Singing
RSVP Required N/A N/A
Masks Required (X) (X) ? (X) ?
Masks: 9am: Required
11am: Strongly Recommended
9am: Required
11am: Strongly Recommended
9am: Required
11am: Strongly Recommended
Compelling data points Governor allows Governor allows - Governor allows
-No significant sustained Covid spike in Olmsted Cty
- Other Rochester churches open without major Covid outbreak
-Volunteer teams are willing to participate
Previous qualifications met PLUS
-4 weeks of Calvary services without major Covid outbreak
-Volunteer teams are willing to participate
Previous qualifications met PLUS
-CDC/MDH Guidelines reduce social distancing requirements
Previous qualifications met PLUS
-Treatment or vaccine available in Olmsted Cty

Note: Calvary may need to move both right (increasing levels) and left (decreasing levels) based on Covid numbers fluctuating.

Calvary is currently in Re-Opening Level III

In the Calvary family, there are two places we will most likely return to face-to-face community- our house (the Calvary facility) and your house. The following chart will guide us in how we plan to transition safely in Level III

Reconnection Step Our House​ Your House
Face-to-face meetings restart Yes, please do!1 Yes, please do!
Stay home if you are sick or have temperature Required Recommended
Stay home if you are considered "vulnerable" Required Recommended
Maximum gathering number 100 (adults & children)4 Use Wisdom
Maintain social distance of 6' Required Recommended
Use of an adequate mask* Required2 Recommended
Taking temperature at home or upon entry* Recommended2 Recommended
Maintaining a log of attendance for tracking Required Recommended
Reporting a COVID test-positive within 24 hrs. Required Required3
  1. You can schedule a room at Calvary online (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays).
  2. Calvary has quick-read forehead thermometers and a supply of face masks available for those who do not have access to one.
  3. If you host a face-to-face get together and learn one of your group members tests positive for COVID-19, please contact a staff member and we will make the necessary reporting steps.
  4. This was increased from 10 (adults & children) during our Re-gathering Level I to 30 (adults & children) during our Re-gathering Level II.  Now we are at the Re-gathering Level III allowing up to 100 (adults & children). 

Past Updates

Calvary Town Hall - June 28
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

June 28th Town Hall Meeting

View our Calvary Zoom Town Hall where we presented information about our regathering plans and interacted with your questions. 

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We are Calvary Campaign
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

Tuesday, June 18th Update

Calvary’s Leadership Board is making good progress on a comprehensive multi-level plan for how we can increasingly “regather” together as a Calvary family. As a result of this work, the Leadership Board has two important updates to share.

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We are Calvary Campaign
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

Tuesday, June 9th Update

Calvary’s Leadership Board has commissioned a Working Group that is formulating draft plans for how we can continue to ‘re-gather’ in increasingly larger groups for worship, fellowship, ministry, and service.

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Town Hall
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

May 24th Town Hall Meeting

Updates were provided regarding use of the building following the lifting of the shelter-in-place order. 
Our Calvary Campus is now open for scheduled small group gatherings of 10 people or less on Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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Town Hall
Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

May 10th Town Hall Meeting

View our May 10th town hall meetings containing COVID-19 response updates

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Calvary’s Response to COVID-19

We are Calvary Campaign

The “We Are Calvary Campaign” is an effort to identify and meet needs of the Calvary family and other needs about which they become aware. It’s about connecting people who have needs to people who can help.

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