Calvary Worship Service RSVP

Calvary Sunday Worship Service RSVPs

We are currently in Level III of our regathering plan. At Level 3 we are capping attendance at 100 for each worship service.  For more infomation view our Calvary Covid-19 response plan.

Please help us manage our attendance at our Calvary Worship Services.  We are requesting regular attendees let us know which service they will attend.

If you have questions, contact Kathy Martin 

CONSIDER SERVING at one or more of the services which you and your family are not attending. If you are willing to serve, please contact the following individuals:

* Note: Please wear a mask. The wearing of face masks is one of the best ways that we can care for others in our church by helping prevent the spread of Covid-19.  There are exceptions for kids under 6 and people with medical conditions.